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1972, my first guitar

When I was 13 I bought my first guitar from Anne Maccari who had a small music shop in Portslade, Brighton, where we lived. It cost £13.50. Red satin bell-bottoms and bright tangerine Bowie hair… banned from school but loving the Brighton rock!


NS and NGS Guitars

I took myself into all the junk shops in the Brighton station district and found a Watkins Westminster 35 watt valve combo 60s amp for about 30 quid. It had a amazing overdrive and it got me holding on to that third fret.


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I spent months just making freaking sounds through a Coloursound (Maccari’s) Fuzz Wah pedal. The raw valve distortion had me hooked.

All that really interested me was the texture of sound and shaping feedback.

It still does.

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Today: Relic bodies built for you

NGS create amazing relic bodies and necks for guitarists who want to build themselves something bespoke and oozin’ mojo. Check out our Reverb store and hit the link below for a look at what we have in-store today.

Or email me here and buy direct.

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Prices start from 145.00 for custom Bluesman bodies.

Custom relics to mostly Teles and Strats.


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