Stratocaster Bluesman Roadworn Series (Shown in Sonic blue)


£325.00 £295.00

Roadworn Finish Fender Stratocaster style body.

Just the body. Bespoke finished and made ready to build.

Special features are subject to price.

Poplar 2 piece fits all Fender parts.

c 1.9kg


Poplar body hand finished by Nick Garrett –  in faded checked colours – in stock, all hand finished by yrs truly.

  • Bridge drills marked.
  • Nitro finished.
  • 56mm x 16mm neck pocket size.

Vintage tones, 3-5 coat relic finish

  • c44.45mm thickness and in alder.
  • Relic, wear, fades, dings.
  • Edge checking.
  • Lacquer top coat.

NGS bodies all have that distinctive 50s tonal depth.

1 in stock

Additional information


While these are made to fits all standard Fender parts, we allow for 1mm fitting tolerance. Trimming-in may be necessary so ensure you have the tools and skills to precise fit all parts.

Relic layers

2 and 3 colour relic finishes are part of our Linton Bespoke Ranges.

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