Telecaster Med Relic Series all colours


Roadworn Finish Fender style body.

Poplar 2 piece fits all Fender parts.

Just the body.

Nitro finish.

Made ready to build.


c  2.1kg

Freshman Series

Poplar body hand finished by Nick Garrett –  in faded checked colours – in stock, all hand finished by yrs truly.

  • Bridge drills marked.
  • Nitro finished.
  • 56mm x 16mm neck pocket size.

Vintage tones, med relic finish.

  • c44.45mm thickness.
  • relic, wear, fades, dings.

NGS bodies all have that distinctive 50s tonal depth.

Available on backorder



Additional information


While these are made to fits all standard Fender parts, we allow for 1mm fitting tolerance. Trimming-in may be necessary so ensure you have the tools and skills to precise fit all parts.

Relic layers

2 and 3 colour relic finishes are part of our Linton Bespoke Ranges.

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