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Guitars made awesome There is a beauty to be found in every tree and every part of building a great guitar. It lasts lifetime when you get it right.

Nick Garrett


Dipped in rock, paint or gold.

I started my design career working in signwriting and gilding – after work I played guitar… a lot. So I gave up the day job.
Moving from lettering to furniture restoration and design taught me how to feel it: wood, metal – quality. The tiniest nuance will make or break a guitar’s mojo. Everything counts.
That’s why revealing raw wood, laying in shellac and shaping up the contour of the neck right for the timber are all bottom line.
Today I work with a number of great parts makers and Luthiers in various ways: Matt McGibbney, NS Custom Guitars and others. We base our collaboration on passion for the guitar. Each of us come from a different angle. My origins are deeply rooted in funk, blues and reggae..
Finding the essence is essential.

Call me on 00447960113799 about your sweet-snarly custom guitar… supply and build it right now.

Nick Garrett







on the bench

NGS Finishes

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Linton Series

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Sound Shifter Guitar series

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