NGS Snakehead Neck

Snakehead Necks by NGS Guitars 002


Oh man this has been quite a journey!! 

Working on a design from the original and landing a blend of the prototype with some solid modern niceties. Namely price! from 145.00 in Bluesman Roadworn and 185.00 Linton Steelyard Relic.

Images show fresh off the blade Linton Classic SHead.

  • 25.5” scale 
  • Rosewood board option
  • 56mm heel
  • 42mm bone nut
  • Full C or Soft V
  • Steel frets
  • Heel Truss
  • Canadian Maple, Flamed Maple, Birdseye Maple
  • Range of relic finishes


Go sell the fuckin’ truck this is the nutbox.



Nick Garrett and Elisa Masari



Bluesman Roadword 145.00

Bluesman Med Relic 175.00

Linton Heavy relic 185-210.00


NEXT: The 54 Prototype Tele with an NGS refinement

NGS Prototype Tele 54


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