NGS Linton T-caster and S Series

Build your Fender relic guitars with bodies and necks by NGS Relic Guitars: Fender Custom Shop style.


This tremendous Telecaster body styled guitar has all the sounds and feel, with full-house qualities you would expect from one of the best UK luthiers, Neil Shoemark and myself at NGS Guitars.  

Nick Garrett

The Body was cut and finished in 2000 and 8 years passed for the right neck to be created for it’s 55.4mm 50s pocket width.

The neck is of course a bit of a head-turner, super smooth on the hand, with fast subtle aged satin finish. Entirely out of 2 piece birds eye maple and is based my honed version of the early Broadcaster Snake-headstock, with solid state 3×3 Grovers and bone nut.

At work on the neck NGS Guitars.jpg

But its design was decided upon not just because it looked great but because of the likely deeper tone range a slotted head would bring on.

Linton Telecaster 4

That Headstock is a magic resonator

We weren’t wrong Jimi. The resonance of a slotted head is much higher than a standard F shape, with intonation transmitting across the top end doing everything good for extra tone, clarity and sustain down the other end. This worked great with the ash body and stayed crisp through the soundboard. The tonal quality of the guitar is as stunning as it looks with rich 30s jazz among the raw 60s blues and sweet country licks on clean settings.

Through effects pedals it turns into real little boiler-house kit. Have no doubt it’s got a massive heart, plenty of guts and gnaw, typical ash snarl with glassy cuts through top end.

Neck pup in overdrive is all over Hendrix, Stevie Ray and Gilmore (which is where I love to hang). With the Fender vintage series it never fats out and always retains clarity. Just sayin…




Linton Telecaster 6

Massive tonal range

Top drawer and back pocket ace, is its sensational funk and reggae machine in the mid setting, with superb dried out Nile Rogers mids and a super warm, catgut stringy, fretboard feel for character solos.

But the bottom line is the Linton T is a totally unique Telecaster. A lifelong companion, a unique session and gigging machine.


Nick Garrett plays the NGS Fender Strat bluesman

Nick Garrett – juss loving the Strat… and Tele.

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Pound for Pound pure class

white strat ngs guitars

Above ‘n below:  NGS S Series NGS Stratocaster.






Price range: 1600,00-2100.00 (for configuration marked below)

Linton S Series in Daphne Blue


Hand carved 56 Vintage Ash or Alder SSS config body 

Hand carved and worn-wear finished Maple neck

44-45mm thickness bod

1 or 2 piece


Radius made to your hand

Classic NGS C contour (shade shallower than C) – Modern C 7-12 fret


6230  Rec* .080″ X .037″   Vintage Fender® necks
6130 .106″ X .036″ Low and wide. “Medium Jumbo” Many Gibson® necks
6105 .095″ X .047″ Narrow tall Very popular choice
6150  Rec* .104″ X .047″ The standard “Jumbo” Modern Fender American® necks
6100  Rec* .118″ X .058″ A very large chunk of wire Common on Ibanez® necks


Fender, Gotoh or Callahan with brass v-saddles

Pickups – single coils. You choose… we’ll fit

Fender Twisted Tele Custom Shop Pick-ups* – creates a tremendous tonal range

Seymour Duncan Quarterpounder set* – as above but a bit warmer and fatter

Lollar – as above but a bit less Fender and a bit more highroad

WTF Bloodstones!  Yep this one is fitted with hand wound Bloodstones and I kid ya not

Linton Telecaster 8.jpg


  • 3 pos Fender switch
  • Cloth wire
  • 250 CTS
  • Fender Pure Vintage Blue .033uF 600V Mylar and Tin Foil Cap

Pick guard 

5 screws, your choice of colors 



Relic Distress level R02 or whatever you fancy


Shellac intonation

Bees Wax finished



White base.

Sonic blue, Surf green, Parma yellow, Shell pink, Olympic white, Black


c7.5 – 8.5lb

Linton Series Tele Serial  NN002-5




It’s filthy sweet

Linton Telecaster 11

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