NGS Guitar bodies and necks

History in the making

The NGS guitar body and neck parts are things of beauty and one off originality. Intuitively putting components together that play perfectly.

The finishes I create follow natural ageing of lacquer and surface designs.

The parts are made by hand by my crew of craftsmen.


Real distressing of relics – it’s an art

Starting my career as historic paint finisher of interiors in 1986 my clients included Designers Guild and Nina Campbell interior design. The surface finishing was museum quality and each project involved bespoke and unique design ideas, references and approaches.


I was the first paint finisher in London working from a studio in Effra Road in Brixton, pioneering historic finishes that have now become the shabby chic look – a crude and far cry from the originals.

Restoration was always a part of the work of the day. Learning many skills from master clock maker David Walter while I lived in Perth, Australia, grounded me in the beauty of wood finishing and french polishing techniques.

Gilding has been a central part of my lettering practice since 1981. Distressed gilding is one of my hallmark finishes.

Strat heavy relic




In June of 2017 I picked up my beloved Strat and started playing it again after 26 years. Fairly soon I realised I had a raw unabated obsession for these incredible toys.

I met Neil Shoemark who inspired me to start thinking about creating special instruments. 

The primary concern for me was sound rather than look. But that changed as I started playing with some hand made bodies he let me have for a song.

Neil is now my primary builder of necks.

My passion for guitars has brought alliances and these traditional skills together, creating rich subtle instruments, relic finishes and even more dramatic effects.

Email me for information and detailed images of NGS finishes.

Best to you,

Nick Garrett




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