Tonecaster series

NGS Besoke Guitar series

Bespoke, one-off guitars with a common theme for unique, unleashed vibrant sounds, beauty and playability. There are no gimmicks here.


Every body and every neck has a life of its own and the parts fitted to them are done so over a period of 3 months. This is what we term the knowing time. Getting to know and feel the instrument, what it needs and what will work within it’s framework and energy.

One pick-up will work like butter in one body but be a dud in another. That’s why we give it extra in order to distill the best combination of working parts.

Intonation of the body and headstock is a delicate process which includes the cleaning lines, contouring of roll offs, use of shellac, refining a snug neck pocket.

The choice of bridge, saddles, nut, machines and pick-ups continually discussed and considered during the 3 month period.

If it takes longer… it will be the making of the sound Shifter.


Prices start from £1425.00 (sterling)


  • Hand made or F quality body or neck
  • NGS Hand finished and re-contoured fine form (Nick Garrett)
  • NGS Contoured neck – for silky, fast play (Nick Garrett)
  • NGS body intonation (Nick Garrett)
  • Paint finish (Nick Garrett)
  • Cloth wiring and 250 CTS Pots (Nick Garrett)
  • Fine finish hand aged parts (Nick Garrett)
  • Gotoh and/or Kluson parts
  • Selected pickups (Nick Garrett): Fender Vintage player, Porter or Seymour Duncan 
  • Satin neck and light age waxed finish (Distress Light 002 Nick Garrett)


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