Crystaltone Guitar series


Bespoke, one-off guitars with a common theme for unique, unleashed vibrant sounds, beauty and playability. There are no gimmicks here.


Every body and every neck has a life of its own and the parts fitted to them are done so over a period of 3 months. This is what we term the knowing time. Getting to know and feel the instrument, what it needs and what will work within it’s framework and energy.

Intonation of the body and headstock is a delicate process which includes the cleaning lines, contouring of roll offs, use of shellac, refining a snug neck pocket.

The choice of bridge, saddles, nut, machines and pick-ups continually discussed and considered during the 3 month period.

If it takes longer… it will be the making of the sound Shifter.


Prices start from £1425.00 (sterling)


  • Hand made or F quality body or neck
  • NGS Hand finished and re-contoured fine form (Nick Garrett)
  • NGS Contoured neck – for silky, fast play (Nick Garrett)
  • NGS ‘Crystal tone’ body intonation (Nick Garrett)
  • Paint finish (Nick Garrett)
  • Cloth wiring and 250 CTS Pots (Nick Garrett)
  • Fine finish hand aged parts (Nick Garrett)
  • Gotoh and/or Kluson parts
  • Selected pickups (Nick Garrett): Fender Vintage player, Bloodstone or Seymour Duncan (Quarterpounders) 
  • Satin neck and light age waxed finish (Distress Light 002 Nick Garrett)


Currently on the bench is this faded blue Tele – Fender body. Polishing back and revealing. SD Quarterpounders in for this one.