Gallery – Fender relic guitars


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Client Builds:

Bluesman body on client build Telecaster

Client Build

Above: NGS Stageworn (lighter than Roadworn)

faded Sonic Blue, 2 pc alder 1.8kg

VIDEO: CONNOR plays his NGS Linton Strat

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On the bench and half way through the relic process for this daphne blue over sunburst beautystrat. Similar selling on Ebay c190.00 GBP

Take a look around the site and thanks for checking us out.

DISCLAIMER : Under no circumstances can we put a Fender logo on your headstock. Thank You for understanding this.

Stratocaster, Strat, Telecaster , Tele , and Jazzmaster are registered TMs of Fender and we are not affiliated in any way.

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Roadword Stratocaster NGS relic guitars UK

Bluesman & Linton full Builds


Great News!! We have decided to continue to build guitars and sell them thru this website exclusively. We are just gonna build a variety of our most popular models that are the ones we love to build – and then post them for sale here on ‘FULL BUILDS PAGE’ shortly.

FYI – these are selling very fast. But we’ll post them as “Available” and edit the post to “SOLD” once sold.

The 1st person to post or email me an “It’s Mine! ” on here will be immediately contacted and offered the guitar.

If you are serious about getting one, you’ll wanna set an alert on Instagram too so you get notified when I post a newly built guitar. So now I’ll now keep the posts strictly to new guitars only and won’t post a stack of social media blah no more.

Thanks for your continued interest!


Licensed Alder/Ash 2 piece Arcane 54s or Fralin Real ’54s pickups.

Deep 3 relic Roadworns, Drifters:

Bluesman T Series 2,200.00

Bluesman S Series 2,400.00

Bluesman OFFSET Series 2,600.00

Bluesman Bass Series 2,800.00


Fender body: Alder/Ash 2 piece, Lollar pickups

Deep 6 relic Roadworns, Drifter medium heavy relics:

Linton T Series 3,200.00

Linton S Series 3,400.00

Linton OFFSET Series 3,600.00

Linton Bass Series 3,600.00

Tele bass full build

NGS Bluesman 51 Tele bass custom with licensed body and warmouth neck – full build with Lollar pups and Schroeder Bridge.

Tobacco faded medium relic SOLD

Introducing the NEW ‘FRESHMAN’ SERIES

I started out NGS Guitars with the mission to deliver great gear to young players.

Nick Garrett head axeman

The ‘Freshman Series’ is aiming at new players on a lean budget – price-point less than 200 bucks.

Above: Blackie ‘Freshman’ Series strat – these are our NEW launch easy budget price-point refurb pieces.

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