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A few things we’re here for
to give young players amazing guitars… and ol’ hands too!

Looking for a Custom Build, Vintage Relic Body or Neck?
I create beautiful, affordable necks and bodies for you, the next gen guitar creator. 

Mojo gear for your Custom Builds

We supply pro-finish necks for parts builders that really give the build an awesome feel and sound. I am constantly shaping the best necks in the business: Vs, composites you name it.  Pricepoint £110-165


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NGS Reverb store


NGS Guitars Luthier hand made Telecaster light relic neck 2018 Relic Maple

July 11, 2018 by Michael’s Gear Locker

NGS Guitars Stratocaster neck 95 Maple relic

July 02, 2018 by Paddy’s Gear Depot

Hand finished Strat Body 2018 Ngs Faded Sonic Blue Relic

May 30, 2018 by Jason’s Shop

Tele and Strat Bodies L and RH… all the coolest shit, boom!!

Lovin getting a decent body and making the legendary 42-44mm. Everything we do seeds ultra soundboard tone, whether you want snarl, Gilmore or sparkle. Not just USP bullshit, but for real… always.

Reverb body-shop

Linton: Next level and yep, with our cash-back discounts

The Linton kit is really our top drawer with everything from Fender to Benson or Porter pups, to custom built bods and handles. Linton neck price 195-245.00

We make it affordable too with cash-back
for your replacement parts… in most cases we will offer you a discount of £65.00 for your neck. Pretty unique deal and pretty cool ehh!?

On Reverb: Bluesman special necks n bodz

We grab all sorts of kit from rebuilds and offer them out at mates rates on Reverb.

Check out our Reverb trade stock

Broadcaster necks and bodies coming to market week 3 August

Yaman I have several necks in the queue for snakehead and fret-cut – Flamed maple, aged satin yellowed lacquer. V contour. WTF tops that!!!  Pricepoint £180-225.

NGS Reverb store soon

CNC patterns for bodies & necks

We supply and design vintage cut cnc files in DXF file format.

Pricepoint £79.00

NGS Reverb store

Choice: Fancy a great chunk of history?

It’s not just for looks… they sound epic too.

 the NGS Classic roadworn custom finish

NGS Rockin Affordable Relic parts


There is a beauty to be found in every tree and every part of building a great guitar.

It lasts lifetime when you get it right.

Nick Garrett

Guitar nutbox, designer, builder and steelworks relic finisher

Dipped in history.  No one get’s near me on price and quality.

I started my design career working in signwriting and gilding – after work I played guitar… a lot. So I gave up the day job.

Moving from lettering to furniture restoration and design taught me how to feel it: wood, metal – quality. The tiniest nuance will make or break a guitar’s mojo.

Everything counts.

That’s why revealing raw wood, laying in shellac and shaping up the contour of the neck right for the timber are all bottom line.

Finding the essence is essential.

Call me on 00447960113799 about your sweet-snarly custom guitar… supply and build it right now.

Nick Garrett


Today I work with a number of great parts makers and Luthiers in various ways: Matt McGibbney, NS Custom Guitars and others. We base our collaboration on passion for the guitar. Each of us come from a different angle. My origins are deeply rooted in funk, blues and reggae..

Parts for reCasters+Makers

Can we supply
Vintage necks for you next build?

We take great necks and make them awesome. Relic and yellowed finishes giving you that ultra roadworn look, feel and sound. Every neck is unique and hand crafted or finished. You can upgrade later and we’ll help you with cashback.

Tell us what yr chasin’

Gigged scratch plates

I’ve got an awesome ageing process that fools the eye everytime. Off the shelf or made to order just let me know.

Buttons and hardware all wearing that well loved feelin.

Coming soon our new engraved neck plates

We make these guitar parts feel 100% authentic.

Buy Back! Trade-in Your NGS neck for next level ‘Bluesman Vintage’ and ‘Linton S Series’


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NGS Guitars

The end product is a superb bit of kit at a great price.

Plug it in and play it.  We supply builders and collectors with genuinely great gear.

Hope you like – contact me anytime, Nick Garrett

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