Ash babeh!!

Driftwood Ash NGS Guitars 2 vibe

Ash has an amazing snarl to it and we’ve always got some beautiful 2.2-2.5 kilo beauties in stock.

42-44 thickness and in unfilled grain giving a wider range of tonality and response.

Grain filled Ash? Nahh fuckk that!!

We think of filling Ash grain on a guitar bod as clogging up the tone form – let it breathe!! If you want a smoothie grab an NGS Alder or vintage Pine.

wanna know more

Never be afraid of the dream!

swapping out an Alder body for an Ash body, you would expect to hear a brighter, sharper “tone” (voice). But, each plank of wood has its own thing going on, so that’s not a hard and fast rule.  mudfinger

Driftwood Ash NGS Guitars

Ash bods start from c 165.00 for road worn Bluesman and 185.00 for the extra layer of debauchery found in the Linton above. Can be checked too.

Ultra light we can do that  c210.00



Prices are in GBP.